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  • Name: Jay415sf

  • Shoe size: 9

  • Member since: 31/05/2012

  • Biography: When I was a kid, I remember the first time I saw this kid wearing the Jordan IV Cement and fire red and could recall how bad I needed to have those kicks. Unfortunately, my parents were not on the same page. Fast forward a few years, I had a part time job and was hustling to make a buck, I quickly realized that I no longer needed my parents to provide the extra luxuries in life for me. I went out and bought my first Jordan's, VI September/Sport Blue. At the time, they meant the world to me and definitely got noticed and would constantly receive compliments at school and work. Mind you, I grew up middle class, went to a private college etc, I never took for granted what it took to earn those Js and to this day, I still have them and consider them the 'crown jewel' of my collection. The survived high school, college and then life after. Countless moves, storage, and traveled abroad. I'll never forget being 22, having a college degree in hand and a paycheck to be able to support my obsession. All these years later, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Times change and the romanticism of what it meant to buy a pair of sneakers has vastly evolved. Final thought: say No to the #hypebeasts & #resellers.

  • Music: 1990s Alternative, and really, almost anything from that decade. For the most part, i really can't relate to most sneaker heads music tastes nowadays.

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    • BrightBear
    • Posted by: BrightBear over 5 years ago
    • Comment: (Sorry for my english, I'm french). I like you way oh thing about resellers etc ... I see me like in a mirror when you speak about your link with sneakers when you was young. Great collection dude ! :)

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    • Jerry Rhoden
    • Posted by: Jerry Rhoden almost 6 years ago
    • Comment: Hey, your White/Blue Tmac is listed as being a Reebok. And I think its original release year was 2002, not 2001. Just thought I'd let you know. (Good stuff otherwise!)

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