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  • Name: RichieJay

  • Shoe size: 8

  • Member since: 18/08/2013

  • Biography: Well just a lil intro about me i've been a sneaker head since i was 7 years old and got my first pair of NIKE Windjammers.I didn't really start collecting until i was about 16/17 years old as before i would just mash em up and get a new pair thanks MUM for all the money you put into them LOL. Now I take great care of them as i'm a grown ass man and have to pay for them myself and yes i'm that guy that keeps a toothbrush on hand for them. I hate a dirty pair of sneaks I wouldn't say i'm a stunter but there's no better feeling of walking down the street and someone breaking there neck to look at what's on your feet. Just like they were sneaking a look at your chick. It could be a pair of OG's or sometimes just a sneaky lace swap that does it but i love a nice fresh pair of sneakers and if they would only sell that new sneaker smell i'd have bottles of it as i'm sure we all would .

  • Music: I like all sorts of music coming from the music scene at once being a garage DJ now i'm just a chill out guy that listens to whatever the mood takes. one day could be R&B the next Jazz but whatever the mood there's always sneakers involved.

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    • Posted by: RichieJay over 2 years ago
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