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  • Name: Elsey

  • Shoe size: US 10 UK 9

  • Member since: 21/01/2011

  • Biography: Fastest Finger First Twitter: @elsey6 Instagram: elsey6

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    • Mateo iriarte
    • Posted by: Mateo iriarte 1 year ago
    • Comment: Hi my name is mateo im from switzerland and i want to know of you still have some air max 95 powerwall brs for sale or some good old air max because ive been lookin for this pair for a long time

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    • Sneakerslutkat
    • Posted by: Sneakerslutkat over 3 years ago
    • Comment: Hi Elsey, Can I ask why 2 sneakers I added were removed please? They weren't on the site already I checked. thanks

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    • iGillette
    • Posted by: iGillette 5 years ago
    • Comment: As site admin why didn't you just let me know that instead of just taking images off my page?

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    • iGillette
    • Posted by: iGillette 5 years ago
    • Comment: Can you undo what you did to my crate yesterday put pics back and leave them alone. Do I really have to report you ?

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    • Deleted User
    • Posted by: Deleted User almost 6 years ago
    • Comment: hi i see your editing alot of my stuff, a moderator removed the 1st pro bowl at the very bottom basically the 1st picture that was uploaded a lonnnng time ago but i notice since the last time ive been on here your site has had a HUUUUUGE CHANGE and thins are different. for instance i notice now you have to yourself upload a picture unlike before where you could just click "own" and that would auto pop up in your crate ..... Anyway can you please remove the very 1st picture at the very bottom the pro bowl on the right .... there is no reason to have 2 of the same shoe in my crate .. and as i said a moderator removed it for me a long time ago but for some reason it came back up. Thanks

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